l'Azienda Agricola

Castel Campo è sede di eventi di vario genere: come azienda agricola biologica ospita una delle “Scampagnate” del gruppo delle Donne In Campo, con un mercatino di prodotti di aziende di tutto il Trentino, mostre e laboratori artigianali.

Dai Da Campo ai Trapp a Rautenstrauch, i signori di queste terre, dal ‘200 alla prima guerra mondiale, hanno sviluppato coltivazioni e allevamento, nella campagna che si trova proprio al centro della valle. Si sono coltivati soprattutto cereali, vite, frutta e noci. La famiglia Rasini, dal 1920, ha prima sperimentato diverse produzioni, poi ha per anni concesso i terreni in affitto ad altri.

The castle ground rise gently to the southwest, bordering the hamlet of Cure’, a village that was wiped out by the plague of 1630 - and of which remain the sixteenth-century chapel of San Vigilio, and a recently renovated farmhouse, the Maso Pacomio, that has become a gathering space for all our indoor events.

Between the the 13th century and the beginning of the 20th, The Da Campo family, Count Raustenstrauch and the Von Trapp family kept livestock and cultivated the fields located in the center of Val Giudicarie. Today, we continue to farm the fields that surround the castle, which has become home to many kinds of events. We open our doors every year for a farmer's market organized by ‘Donne in Campo’, an organization of organic farms run by women. We also host seminars, workshops and conferences on agriculture and sustainable living practices.

For years we have hosted a special kind of guided tour ("Lezioni semiserie sul bosco") focused on the relationships that connect all forms of life and the natural elements that have been used responsibly by humans for centuries. Castel Campo also offers educational workshops for children of neighboring schools, weekend ‘outdoor survival’ activities for adults and teens, and has recently become a part of the ‘WWOOF’ Agro-Volunteer network that sees volunteers from all over the world stay and participate in a genuine farm-stay experience.